Lillie Road

With 20 antiques shops, the Lillie Road offers a wide variety of antique furniture, lighting, mirrors, artefacts, taxidermy and decorative arts to suit all tastes. Ranging from traditional French country painted furniture to classical English furniture to 20th Century design classics, the selection available on Lillie Road is varied and changes every week. The road has been the interior designers and decorators' best kept secret for years, and more and more savvy individuals come here for interesting, good quality and unusual pieces.

* We are open intermittently during the week so please phone ahead if you are making a special journey to see us

Contact Details

281 Lillie Road

Tel: +44 (0)20 3304 7327

Mob: + (0)7801 571821

Opening Hours

Open by appointment
Tuesday - Friday:
11am - 5.30pm *
11am - 5.30pm
Sunday and Holidays:

* intermittent opening - please phone ahead

* From 1st Feb to 18th Feb we will only be opening Thursdays and Saturdays. Normal hours from the 19th.